Mobile Technologies And Innovations In Modern Restaurant Business

The new definition of customer service

Whether to offer comfort and relaxation in a hotel or an efficient service in a restaurant fast, is focused on the excellence of the service provided to each client. For many years, this service dictates the use of technologies in its sector.

However, considerable progress has been made during recent years, particularly in terms of mobility, have made these technologies more than just instruments: they define today the methods of delivery service regardless of the type of operation. Armed with their mobile devices, smartphones and smartwatches, millennial kids can do almost anything, and expect to see all their desires satisfied.

These mobile devices, certainly powerful, are not the panacea: Generation Y members also want that “real people “take care of them. That represents for hoteliers and restaurateurs an unprecedented opportunity – do not miss it! By combining technology and human dimension, they are able to redefine customer service to retain their most influential users.

Mobilization in restaurant and hotel business

Generation Y, and the use it makes of technologies, are unclassifiable. The need to meet its requirements and expectations is a challenge that hoteliers and restaurateurs of the world

should be raised, both to remain competitive and to maximize revenue opportunities that the service represents personalized services.

The exceptional nature of this generation rectifies misconceptions about it and proposes strategies to serve it as best as possible. Here are four points essential to remember:

1. The use of mobile devices by Generation Y in restaurants and hotels is more prevalent than one has tend to believe in the sector: a fourth of them of its members have already ordered a meal on their mobile device. In many cases, especially for loyalty programs in restaurants and service in hotel rooms, millennials would like to use their smartphone even more their tablet, which shows that demand is growing quickly as the availability of services.

2. If the Gen Y craze for peripherals mobile is obvious, it is by no means universal. Many millennials prefer to deal with people in the flesh when they go to a restaurant, in a restaurant bar, cafe or hotel. Finding the right balance will satisfy the needs of all their customers is a decisive challenge for companies in the sector.

3. Mobile technology is radically transforming the expectations of consumers. From this change is born the need to redefine the very notion of service, in order to meet the individual preferences of millennials under the sign of choice, speed and personalization.

In the past, it was the service delivery that dictated the use technologies for this or that operation. Today, the advent of mobile technology requires hoteliers and restaurateurs not only a reassessment but a real redefinition of the service they offer.

4. To survive on the market as it stands today, it is necessary to create, propose and manage a range of unprecedented services and options. A complex challenge, solution innovative: a technological platform and equipment that, in leveraging the power of the cloud, provide the agility you need to evolve your services and meet the changing needs of your customers.

Innovative technologies in restaurant business

Hotel and restaurant industry is a particularly dynamic and innovative sector. The use of new technological equipment allowing a cooking at the right temperature, combined with the use of food products that undermine the essential principles of sauce texture, such as emulsion, gelation, heat resistance, etc. are up set the world of traditional cooking.

The innovative ovens help to cope with the daily demands of cooking: roasting, grilling, steaming, steam, blanch, poach, etc. Compared to traditional mixed ovens, they cooks up faster. Even in case of simultaneous charging of different products, tastes, flavors and odors do not do not mix.

Innovative technologies in restaurant business claim the beginning of a new era of cooking: traditional settings (temperature, time, ventilation speed) or humidity will disappear completely. For example, self cooking control feature automatically recognizes the nature of foods, their size. Thus, the time, temperature and ideal cooking climate are automatically determined and continuously adjusted with the nine programmed cooking modes.

Multifunction technology for contact cooking will replace devices such as pots, pans, pianos, fryers, while offering new possibilities thanks to intelligent cooking processes. Conventional cooking settings, such as temperature, time, or complex programming will disappear. This state-of-the-art equipment saves time, prevents heat loss, reduce water consumption, consume less energy and work faster.

A totally new culinary approach is now possible! If we combine the new culinary aid products with an access to a multitude of techniques to develop new trends. The diversity of professional tools makes it possible to create dishes cooked perfectly, new textures, assemblages of new products, etc. It is wise to remember that without a knowledge of an experienced professional, it is not necessary to invest in the equipment  of the latest generation.

It should be emphasized that in the presence of high-tech equipment and innovative products, only a real professional catering will be able to make tasty and surprising the menu thus achieved.